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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Essentials Package, Habesha Coffee, Eritrean Coffee, Coffee Culture

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Essentials Package, Habesha Coffee, Eritrean Coffee, Coffee Culture

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Experience the rich and vibrant culture of Ethiopia with our Handmade & Hand-painted Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Essentials Package. This package includes everything you need to create an authentic Ethiopian coffee ceremony, including a Jebena (coffee pot), a Rekebot (coffee tray) that is 36cm in diameter, 5 cups, 5 saucers, a sugar pot, and a Machesha (incense burner) to create the full coffee-making experience.

All of these essential items are made from high-quality clay and are handcrafted by hardworking mothers in Ethiopia, ensuring that each item is unique and of the utmost quality. The Jebena is designed to bring out the full flavor of the coffee, while the Rekebot provides a beautiful and traditional setting for the ceremony. The cups and saucers are perfect for sharing the coffee with loved ones, and the sugar pot adds a touch of sweetness to your brew.

In addition, the Machesha incense burner fills the air with the sweet aroma of frankincense, which is an integral part of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. This package is perfect for coffee enthusiasts, collectors, and those who appreciate the beauty and culture of Ethiopia.

By purchasing this package, you are supporting hardworking mothers in Ethiopia and helping to preserve their traditional craft. Bring the taste and culture of Ethiopia into your home with our Handmade Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Essentials Package.

Items included:

1 Jebena (coffee pot) - with cushion and lid
1 Rekebot (tray) - 36cm (14in) in diameter
7 Cups
1 Sugar bowl
1 Machesha (incense burner)

This item ships directly from Ethiopia

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