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Artistry Unveiled: Handwoven Elegance in Habesha Couples' Outfit

Artistry Unveiled: Handwoven Elegance in Habesha Couples' Outfit

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1. Dress Bust - Waist - Hip - Shoulder width - Sleeve Length - Shoulder to waist - Waist to feet - 2. Shirt Collar Shirt length (from shoulder down) Shoulder width Chest Waist Sleeve length 3. Pants Outseam Inseam Hip Thigh Leg opening

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Indulge in the exquisite artistry of Ethiopian tradition with our meticulously crafted Habesha couples' outfit. Handwoven with care from the finest Menen material, soft cotton, and detailed threadwork, this ensemble showcases a beautiful cultural design that reflects the heart of Ethiopian heritage. Elevate your shared moments with the grace and sophistication of this Habesha couples' outfit, where every thread weaves a tale of enduring love and cultural pride. Step into the allure of Ethiopian cultural elegance, embracing the beauty of tradition in this captivating and detailed patterned ensemble



  • Cotton
  • Thread
  • Menen
  • Pisi
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